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Summer for Seniors in Orlando Area

It is another summer in the Orlando and Central Florida area. That means it is a great opportunity to enjoy the fantastic summer weather that the area has to offer. At Florida Home Companion we always recommend and encourage our caregivers and our patients to make trips outside and to participate in different extracurriclar activies. We feel this helps keep the mind and body active and in better shape.

At Florida Home Companion, not only are we a family-owned business, but we have native roots in the Orlando and Central Florida community as well. Below are some tips that we have so that you and your loved ones can get outside and enjoy the Central Florida area in the summer time.

Please keep in mind that these tips are not scientific in any way but instead based on a long family heritage in the area. This list focuses both on Seniors and their families.

1) To avoid the heat, but still enjoy the outside try going outside in the morning before 10am and or outside in the early evening after 6pm.

2) Countless Senior Center and Community programs continue throughout the year and into the summer. If you’re looking for activities for seniors, the summer is a great time to participate because fewer seniors live in the Orlando area in the summer so there will be less congestion.

3) If you need to make long trips to see relatives, family members and trips for health reasons. The summer is a great time to do it. Schools are out for the summer and the Central Florida population decreases in the summer so you can typically make long-distance trips in a faster time period.

4) Restaurants and tourist attractions in the Orlando area typically offer summer specials to help bring in local business when the population drops. You may find a deal for something that might normally be more expensive.

5) Keep hydrated. This is very important and most people ……….especially seniors forget to do this. Drink water! Lots of it. Many experts say at least 8 glasses a day, but at Florida Home Companion we will make it even simpler for you. If you are hot and start to sweat, that should be a signal that you drink some water.

At Florida Home Companion we encourage many of our caregivers and patients to get out and enjoy Florida. If you have any questions on how Florida Home Companion can help you take care of your loved ones please check out our website at www.floridahomcompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

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