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Caregiver Agency that provides Alzheimers Care in Orlando

Alzheimers Care is a delicate item for most families to handle. The questions that arise in most families is how do we take care of our loved one who suffers from Alzheimers without creating a potential hardships on the family. In the Orlando area, Alzheimers patients and their families typically face some additional hurdles. In most cases, those suffering from Alzheimers have family that lives outside of the Orlando area yet they still have some part in managing care for their loved one. The other hurdle that seems to create hardships in the Orlando area is that one has to drive a vehicle to do just about anything in the area………..this includes purchasing food and clothing and traveling back and forth to family events and doctors appointments. Many Alzheimers patients require someone to be around them for most of the day in case they need something and to keep them from something that may harm them.

At Florida Home Companion we know all too well what families have to do to make sure their loved one lives comfortably even though they suffer from Alzheimers. We our a caregiver agency in the Orlando and Central Florida area that provides Alzheimers Care. We help by providing caregivers that can assist families in watching their loved ones, help make sure they are eating correctly, help spend time with them, and help getting them from place to place. We know families want to spend time with their loved ones, but we also understand that family members typically have their own families to care for and responsibilities that require their attention. When families are stressed for time and they need assistance to care for a loved one that suffers from Alzheimers, Florida Home Companion can help. For more information please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

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