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Congress Aims to Vote Again on Upcoming Health Care Bill

When reading the news, there is a lot of talk on the upcoming Health Care Bill that is going to be put in place in 2014. Many people wonder how things will change under the new health care policies. The reality is that no one seems to know entirely what will change but the common theme seems to be that things will definitely change but not necessarily for the better. In fact it is difficult to even find someone who is touting the benefits of the upcoming implementation of the Health Care Bill. It is unclear whether or not there are any benefits for the overall public.

For the purposes of this article linked below, one of the biggest question marks hovers over the future of Medicare. Medicare is especially an important issue in Florida, home to millions of seniors and those who will be classified seniors within the next 5 years. The GOP majority in the house seems to want to get rid of the bill, however the Democratic majority in the Senate does not.

If the Bill continues to move forward in 2014, it looks like Medicare will be affected. While no one knows for sure, benefits may be cut in order to help spare more money to help cover health care costs for the general public. This means that families may have to kick in more when it comes to helping their loved ones as they may need to help fund medical care to replace what the government may have once been able to fund.

At Florida Home Companion, we are working hard to make sure our care is affordable. We have skill caregivers that have medical training when it comes to taking care of seniors both at home and their facility. While medicare does on occassion cover for some of the same type of services that our company provides, it only does so in a very few certain circumstances. In most cases Medicare does not provide for Home Companion and Home Care Services, at least in the state of Florida. Based on the economical situation of the country, we feel that any overlapping funding that medicare provides to our type of service may also be cut. This is why Florida Home Companion strives to keep our pricing as low as possible to insure families who cannot qualify for medicare assistance can afford our services.

If you have a loved one that can use some additional assistance either at home or at their facility, please feel free to check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

Article on Congress Voting on potentially repealing the Health Care Bill:


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