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Sunshine may help reduce blood pressure

This morning I read an article written by Nicky Broyd which linked sunshine to potentially helping someone reduce their blood pressure. As many Floridians know, sunshine helps the human body obtain Vitamin D. It is the Vitamin D that the study says is what helps reduce a blood pressure. Nowadays high blood pressure is an issue that many seniors in Florida have to deal with. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of both heart attacks and strokes.

At the Florida Home Companion, our team of caregivers is all too aware of the risk that many of our patients may suffer from high blood pressure. Quite frankly with food offerings and pharmaceutical drugs that are offered today, it is relatively easy for someone to end up with high blood pressure. The good news is that high blood pressure can be countered with good health and activity.

Thankfully because Florida Home Companion is a caregiving agency based in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Our patients have potential access to as much sunshine as they want in order to get as much Vitamin D as they need. However going outside provides additional benefits as well, including some brief exercise and exposure to the outdoor elements which historically has a way of boosting a person’s spirit which in turn can boost their health. Florida Home Companion encourages our caregivers to expose patients to any activity that involves going outdoors if they have the ability. We feel this helps reduce blood pressure but also feeds into a person’s overall good health. Many of our caregivers also happen to be great cooks as well, so if your loved one is suffering from high blood pressure, a home cooked meal is much better than one that comes out of a package.

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Article relating to sunshine and blood pressure:

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