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Caregivers in the Orlando area assist with transportation of seniors

According to an article put together by the Associate Press, businesses that offer high-power mobility scooters are facing scrutiny from both lawmakers and doctors.  The complaints stem mostly from commercials by companies like the Scooter Store which show television commercials with mostly seniors traveling at pretty decent speeds over different types of terrain, grass, hills, floors and so forth.  The ads are appealing and claim to help any individual who wants assistance moving from place to place.  At the same time the ads kind of leave out the approval process that businesses like the Scooter Store have in place which is a big deal in this instance because if a person qualifies these businesses claim that customers can get everything paid for at no cost to them.  Sounds like a deal right?
Critics are now coming into play with the idea that businesses like the Scooter Store are handing out approvals left and right to customers that ask for what appears to be a free scooter even if they may not totally need one.  On the other hand Medicare, which essentially is the organization footing the bill for these types of benefits claims to have strict regulations on who qualifies and who doesn’t.  Medicare claims that for example those who can make it around with the assistance of a cane or walker would not necessarily qualify.  On top of that businesses like the Scooter Store claim that most of the people that inquire about their services do not qualify and Scooters only go to about 13% of those that call.  As usual the truth is probably somewhere there in the middle.

At Florida Home Companion, we realize that many Seniors in the Orlando and Central Florida area have difficultly moving around and getting around the area.  Even with a motorized scooter, getting from place to place is difficult because the Orlando and Central Florida area simply is not a pedestrian friendly area.  To help those who need assistance with getting around town to Doctor’s appointments, family events, religious events, and even trips to the store or the local hair salon, Florida Home Companion insures that our caregivers all have valid driver’s licenses, insurance, and their own vehicle so that they can help our clients get to where they need to be.  In addition to be able to helping with transportation, our caregivers are extremely knowledgeable in the care of seniors and have Certified Nurses Aid backgrounds to insure that they can help your loved ones with whatever they need.

If you would like more information on assistance with your loved one, please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

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