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Filling-in for Family Caregivers

We recently received a testimonial from a family who we assisted with their Father. The family all had busy schedules and would take turns caring for their father 24 hours a day seven days a week. However there was one block of time which was always difficult. It was Friday 5pm until Sunday at 1pm. The sons all have their own families and so that is when we would fill-in for the family to care for their father. Recently we received a testimonial from Dennis about caring for his dad:

“Thank-you, dad is now residing at Westchester Assisted Living, he loves it there and is very happy. Thank-you and everyone at Florida Home Companion for all your hard work and efforts.

Dennis K.
Orlando, FL”

Often families just need a little bit of extra help even one night a week makes a huge difference. Often, families can stay over night and their parents can’t move in with them if they have a smaller home. So if your have a senior parent who needs elder care assistance in the the home or the facility, we can help.

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