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Home Care Post Surgery Orlando

Florida Home Companion has been getting more and more requests for post surgical in-home care.  If this is a service that you would require, the staff at Florida Home Companion can come right out to the hospital and visit you to see how we can meet your needs after your surgery and after you exit the hospital.  If you still have a lot of healing to do, we can help arrange special transportion from the hospital to your home and we can have organize staff in place to help you at your home and/ or facility after your surgery.  We have found after years of doing this that our service is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to post surgical care.  In many cases patients need assistance with everything from cooking, to bathing, to laundry, and assistance with travel.  Our caregivers can handle all of these necessities and much more more.

For more information please call Florida Home Company 407-478-5469.

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