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8 Senior Savvy Tips

Keeping your Parents in their home and out of the Nursing home

  1. Senior Finances: If they will allow you to take this over for them, it eliminates them from double paying bills, not paying bills, or falling for senior scams.  It is wise to consult an elder care law specialist in regards to Medicaid.  There are ways to make the system work for you and your loved ones.
  2. Senior Social life:  Keeping your parents social and surrounded by friends, family and activities, keeps them active.  Adult Day Care a couple times a week, or senior center activities, or providing a caregiver in the home will keep them sharp, and their minds and bodies moving.  In addition, visits from you and your family and taking them out of the house for a change of scenery.
  3. Senior Security:  Make sure your parents have all the right alarms.  Smoke Alarms, Security Alarms, and a Life Alert type device available to them.  There are all sorts options but make sure they have something in place for that one time they fall…and can’t get up.
  4. Senior Simplicity: Sometimes it’s the little things in life which make things easier.  This is our little list: reacher/grabber, extra long shoe horn, slip on shoes or Velcro shoes, bracelet assists, clothing that is zipped or buttoned from the front, large buttons, and large labels of where things are in cabinets.
  5. Senior Outsourcing:  Outsourcing tasks isn’t just done overseas, it is done right here in peoples’ homes everyday.  Housecleaning, yard work, computer help, home maintenance, it can all be done by you or you can outsource so that when you spend time with your parents at their home, you aren’t running yourself ragged.
  6. Senior Food Supply:  Always have some back up food that is easy to make for your parents.  Better yet, when you cook, make a little extra and put it in their freezer.  Meals on Wheels isn’t available to everyone and some have intensive dietary restrictions.  Having a family or outside caregiver prepare simple meals will also cut costs, cut out extra salt, and keep them healthy.  If you have dried foods for your seniors, you may need to have them drink even more water which seniors are notorious for skipping.
  7. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate:  We can’t stress this enough how much seniors in Florida need to drink.  Get rid of the soda, the coffee, the diet drinks and just drink water and herbal tea.  They will fight you on this but it is an important one to win.
  8. Senior Wardrobe:  Make sure your seniors are wearing appropriate clothing.  If they have lost a lot of weight and their pants are dragging, they could trip and fall.  Conversely, if they have gained a lot of weight, their clothes may be uncomfortable and restrict movement.  Better to have a few great outfits, then a closet full of ill-fitting clothing (that goes for everyone…not just seniors).

As always, Florida Home Companion can assist families with elder care to make their lives easier, better, and provide care in the home or facility.

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