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Five Hydration Tips for the Elderly In Orlando, Florida

Five Hydration Tips for the Elderly In Orlando, Florida

One of the major issues that we have to deal with in Central Florida and the Orlando area as a whole is staying hydrated.  And just because a patient is elderly, doesn’t mean that the rules change.  Everyone in the Orlando area needs to be drinking water and staying hydrated, including the elderly.

As Florida natives, the operators of Florida Home Companion know far too well the consequences of not drinking enough water.  The weather in Florida is hot, humid, and it will take the water right out of you…………even if you stay indoors or are stuck in bed most of the day, it’s important to stay hydrated while living in Orlando. Not only is the body pretty much 70 to 80 percent water, hydration helps bodily functions.  This is why hydration is so important, for seniors especially.  It helps the mind think, the heart pump, the blood flow, and most importantly hydrations helps rid the body of pollutants and helps the body clean itself out.

Below are some tips to staying hydrated in the Orlando area.

1)     To help determine how much you or your loved ones should be drinking, you can take the amount of weight a person weighs, divide it by 2 and that would equal the amount of ounces you might want someone to drink per day.  So if your loved one weights 100 lbs., divide a hundred by 2 and you can assume that they might want to be drinking around 75 ounces a day.  So for non-math people, that’s about 9.5 cups of water per day.

2)     Because of the cloud cover and humidity in Orlando, it might be warm day and night, so it’s important to drink water when someone wakes up, during the day, and possibly in the evening.  Even though it might cause someone to need the restroom during the night, drinking water in the evening might be necessary if someone needs to stay hydrated.

3)     If you need an easy pulse to tell if a loved one needs more water in their diet, you check the color of their urine and if it’s not close to being clear or light yellow and its closer to dark yellow, that means they need to be drinking more water.

4)     Dry lips, dry skin, dark circles under the eyes could also be an indication that someone is not getting enough water, so be sure to be on the lookout for those signs.

5)     Some people don’t like drinking straight water and they like beverages like fruit juice or coffee more, so if someone doesn’t exercise to the point where their body craves water, the best way is for them to make a goal to have a glass or 2 glasses of water with every meal or each time they eat something.  Every little bit adds up.

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