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Home Companion Care in Orlando During the Summer

Orlando Home Companion Care in the Summer

During the summer a lot of families decide to plan special events complete with, weekends, parties, out of town trips, and all sorts of vacations.  Why not?  The kids are out of school for the summer.  Many of the snowbirds have traveled back up North so many times Orlando area residents have less of a work load to deal with and time is freed up.  The only question on many people’s mind is, what should they do about their loved ones that they can’t travel with.

Many times parents and spouses within a family are simply unfit to travel.  Families still want to travel and go on vacation, but at the same time feel bad about leaving their loved ones behind.  Its almost a moral dilemma.

There is a solution though, and Florida Home Companion can help. Whether its simply some slight looking after or some more in depth skilled care that’s involved. Home Companion Care agencies like Florida Home Companion specialize in Senior Care at a person’s home or facility.  While you’re away we have extremely friendly and very helpful caregivers that can assist with your loved ones needs.  They can fill in the gaps for you while you are away.

Some of the things that our caregivers do is driving your loved ones from place to place, either to and from the store, doctor’s appointments, hair appointments, and even to religious services.  They also can cook meals, help tidy up a person’s living area, and spend time with your loved ones when you’re simply not able to.

Florida Home Companion is also a nurse registry which means we’re able to take on skilled care.  This means that our caregivers can also help your loved ones putting on their clothes, giving them baths, and assisting them with more sensitive personal and cleaning issues that need attending to.

If you or your loved ones need Elder Care assistance in Orlando this summer, call Florida Home Companion at 407-478-5469 or check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com

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