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Transportation for Seniors in Orlando

One of the things that many “Big City” transplants to the Orlando area have to get used to is the amount of driving required to get things done.  Whether you need to go to the post office, to get dry cleaning, or to go grocery shopping, chances are you won’t be able to do it by walking.  You’re going to need to drive take a car, a bus, or even a bicycle at one point; otherwise you might be in for a lonely stay in the City Beautiful.

One of the major issues that we deal with at Florida Home Companion is transportation of seniors.  If it’s tough enough for someone who does drive a car to get things done in Orlando, then how difficult will it be for those who cannot drive to get things done?

Many times when people are diagnosed as being healthy enough to leave a rehab or nursing facility, they still need assistance after that, they’re just healthy enough to not need a doctor and nurse on 24-hour standby.  Often times, these people call agencies like ours that can help them with home companionship or nurse registry duties.  When we we’re on the phone with potential clients we do often ask how their loved ones are getting home from the facility.  On occasion they still need to be somewhat bedridden or in a wheel chair.  For these patients we recommend services in town that specialize in transporting patients that need special assistance, including those that need to be transported across the state.

Seniors can also receive rides from family members and friends, there are also buses that they can ride and many taxi cab services that are available.  But what about someone who is really busy, who is still somewhat active in life and they enjoy going food shopping, and they like getting their hair done?  What about an elder patient that resides in their own home and cannot drive, but they still need to visit multiple doctors on a regular basis or keep multiple medical appointments and treatments?  If there is no family available to do the driving, agencies like Florida Home Companion can help.

One of the major things tasks that Florida Home Companion caregivers take on is the task of driving patients from place to place, sometimes for medical issues and sometimes for regular activities that the everyday Orlando citizen does effortlessly. Our caregivers regularly drive patients to doctor’s appointments, they take them shopping for food and clothing, they take them to get their hair done, and many of our caregivers have driven and escorted patients to religious services.  Sometimes the caregivers drive the patient’s vehicle and other times our caregivers drive the patient in their own vehicle.  All of the caregivers at Florida Home Companion drive their own vehicle, so even if your loved one does not need to be driven anywhere, you never know when a ride is needed.

The caregivers at Florida Home Companion are licensed CNA’s, which stands for Certified Nurses Aid.   Now driving around patients is not a mandatory requirement to be a CNA, but at Florida Home Companion it’s just one of the extra services we provide for our patients.   Caregivers working for Florida Home Companion drive their own vehicles, and have their own auto insurance.   Anything we can do to help our patients.

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