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Orlando Elder Care dealing with the heat!

Summer is just around the corner for the citizens of Greater Orlando.  One of the things that is critical to surviving in the sun is regular showering and air conditioning.  Naturally these are two things that the average person in Orlando is already thinking about.  After all, the Orlando heat and humidity sometimes requires a person to shower several times a day if they are outside all the time.

But what about the Elderly in Orlando?  What about the loved ones that we have and care about.  It might be a common assumption that if someone is inside all day and barely leaves the bed that they won’t get dirty, simply because they didn’t break a sweat.  Unfortunately the weather in Orlando does not work that way.  Those who do not bath themselves regularly in the Orlando area could be headed for trouble.  In Orlando, sometimes its so hot outside, you can break a sweat simply by walking from your car into the Doctor’s office or your house. Air conditioning helps out a lot, but its not bulletproof.  At one point, the body needs to be cleaned.

Many Elderly patients need assistance with bathing.  Many can even bath themselves, but just need someone to be around in case they have trouble getting into a shower or they have trouble balancing themselves in the shower.  Others need a bit more care and need to have more hands-on washing and bathing assistance.

Sometimes the family caregiver takes care of this and many times its a close member of the family.  However, sometimes the family needs assistance in these matters.  Sometimes there simply is not enough time in the day or its uncomfortable for families to help bath their loved ones.  Agencies like Florida Home Companion as licensed nurse registry agencies that have qualified caregivers that can perform bathing duties and much, much, more. Don’t let the heat keep Seniors in Orlando down.


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