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Hide and Seek: Veteran’s Benefits…where are they and can they be found?

Attempting to find out information about Veteran’s Benefits can be daunting even exasperating. There are so many exceptions, points, this direction, that direction, it would deter most people unless you desperately need it and must persist to get the answers and information. It is a shame that to navigate this government maze you’d need to hire a professional guardian, a patient advocate or an attorney. But unfortunately, that is a reality. Contacting the Veteran’s Benefits hotlines can equal long waits, not getting your questions answered and a run around like you wouldn’t believe. You have to ask yourself, how valuable is your time, and how quickly do you need to help yourself or your loved one. Seniors needing eldercare in the home or in the facility usually don’t have the energy to seek out this information. If you are a family caregiver, you need expert advice in order to get the job done. What a shame that this is how it is to work with such bureaucracy, however, you need to focus and learn how to work the system if you want to obtain these benefits.
What I would recommend is to start seeking help with an experienced professional such as:
1. Elder Law Attorneys
2. Patient Care Advocates
3. Professional Guardians
We can recommend local professionals who specialize in elder care, senior services and getting these benefits to you and your family as fast as possible. Don’t give up, it is out there, and you must help yourself and your loved ones the best you can.

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