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Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities can be frightful for Seniors Managing Own Elder Care

Government ‘Cops’ Know They Can’t Protect You From This… Posted By Dr. Mercola | March 12 2011 | 33,169 views By Dr. Mercola Instead of fading away over the years, the business of defrauding the government of billions of dollars … Continue reading

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Dr. Mercola’s article on the effects of soda in the body…a must read if you want to live longer

Dr. Mercola has some fascinating articles. We always try to recommend just water and herbal tea to our clients and mostly water if possible. It’s not easy to end soda addiction or even minimal consumption but it is rewarding in … Continue reading

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Special Offer for Senior Care from Florida Home Companion:

The team at Florida Home Companion loves the Winter Park Art Festival. In honor of the 52nd annual Winter Park Art Festival we are offering a spring time special and Florida Home Companion is offering your first 5 hours of … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek: Veteran’s Benefits…where are they and can they be found?

Attempting to find out information about Veteran’s Benefits can be daunting even exasperating. There are so many exceptions, points, this direction, that direction, it would deter most people unless you desperately need it and must persist to get the answers … Continue reading

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