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7 Senior Care tips for the Family Caregiver

7 Senior Care tips for the Family Caregiver

Caring for an elderly loved one can be unexpected or sudden in the course of life.  Many family caregivers do not have any training in health care or senior care sometimes referred to as elder care.  Accidents happen to people at an early age leaving them immobile.  There are also auto immune diseases such as M.S., Lupus, and Diabetes which can leave your loved one in a state where they need help to function with the normal task of life.  Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia are also inhibiting the lives our clients and their families.  We see this on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the family caregiver, who often has a full-time job elsewhere and children to tend to, many times cannot offer complete attention to their loved one and might not have time to give proper care.  Here are some tips to make senior or elder care easier:

  1. Ask others for help.  Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family and/or professional home companions for assistance with the situation.  If something happens to the family caregiver, than the family can’t function.  There are professional caregivers who can come to your home for 4 hours a day to 24 hours a day to give you a break.  Prices might range from $10/hr  to $11/hr for 24hr care to $15/hr  to $20/hr or for shift work, or a more skilled nurse such as an LPN or RN up to $30/hr.
  2. Take time for yourself.  Every caregiver needs time to recuperate and refresh so that they can give proper care.  It is not possible for one person to dedicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of their life to their loved one.
  3. Learn about the ailments of your loved one.  Stay informed and make sure that they are not being over or under prescribed medication.
  4. Diet.  This seems simple, but most people really don’t do it.  Fresh fruits and vegetables can play a key role.  Organic fruits and veggies really are better than conventional.  Lean meats and plenty of olive oils and very little fried foods will go a long way in helping them get better, live better, and live longer.
  5. NO SUGAR.  Yes, this is difficult for everyone.  Think logically, many desserts are made from processed sugar and if your loved ones are eating this, it’s not going to help you or your loved ones.  If you think you can’t live without chocolate, try it and you’ll see that after a while, you can live without it and so can your loved ones.  If anyone in the house needs a sugar fix, try having Medjool dates from California.  It is a fantastic treat and does satisfy a sweet tooth more naturally.  Organic Raw (unpasteurized) Local Honey is another great substitute for processed sugar.  Orlando locals can find organic produce and other healthy items from www.homegrowncoop.org.
  6. Hydration is key, and drinking water consistently can help keep their cells healthy and the systems moving.  Get a great home water carbon-based filter to remove the maximum amount of toxins from the city water supply.  Reverse Osmosis is also a great way to go.  Many think the filtration is expensive, but when studying what people otherwise spend on ice tea, soft drinks, and alcohol, it’s actually a great deal.
  7. Exercise.  If a person has had some health issues in their past, it’s probably best for them to consult their doctor.  If your loved one is in pain, this will be difficult.  But there is always something everyone can do to keep their body moving.  Try going for walks in the neighborhood and getting fresh air.  Maybe some small hand weights to build even a little bit of muscle.  Or for circulation assistance, try a Chi Vitalizer.  For around $160 including shipping, this can really improve circulation.  http://www.chivitalizer.com/
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