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Caregiver Agency that provides Alzheimers Care in Orlando

Alzheimers Care is a delicate item for most families to handle. The questions that arise in most families is how do we take care of our loved one who suffers from Alzheimers without creating a potential hardships on the family. In the Orlando area, Alzheimers patients and their families typically face some additional hurdles. In most cases, those suffering from Alzheimers have family that lives outside of the Orlando area yet they still have some part in managing care for their loved one. The other hurdle that seems to create hardships in the Orlando area is that one has to drive a vehicle to do just about anything in the area………..this includes purchasing food and clothing and traveling back and forth to family events and doctors appointments. Many Alzheimers patients require someone to be around them for most of the day in case they need something and to keep them from something that may harm them.

At Florida Home Companion we know all too well what families have to do to make sure their loved one lives comfortably even though they suffer from Alzheimers. We our a caregiver agency in the Orlando and Central Florida area that provides Alzheimers Care. We help by providing caregivers that can assist families in watching their loved ones, help make sure they are eating correctly, help spend time with them, and help getting them from place to place. We know families want to spend time with their loved ones, but we also understand that family members typically have their own families to care for and responsibilities that require their attention. When families are stressed for time and they need assistance to care for a loved one that suffers from Alzheimers, Florida Home Companion can help. For more information please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

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Summer for Seniors in Orlando Area

It is another summer in the Orlando and Central Florida area. That means it is a great opportunity to enjoy the fantastic summer weather that the area has to offer. At Florida Home Companion we always recommend and encourage our caregivers and our patients to make trips outside and to participate in different extracurriclar activies. We feel this helps keep the mind and body active and in better shape.

At Florida Home Companion, not only are we a family-owned business, but we have native roots in the Orlando and Central Florida community as well. Below are some tips that we have so that you and your loved ones can get outside and enjoy the Central Florida area in the summer time.

Please keep in mind that these tips are not scientific in any way but instead based on a long family heritage in the area. This list focuses both on Seniors and their families.

1) To avoid the heat, but still enjoy the outside try going outside in the morning before 10am and or outside in the early evening after 6pm.

2) Countless Senior Center and Community programs continue throughout the year and into the summer. If you’re looking for activities for seniors, the summer is a great time to participate because fewer seniors live in the Orlando area in the summer so there will be less congestion.

3) If you need to make long trips to see relatives, family members and trips for health reasons. The summer is a great time to do it. Schools are out for the summer and the Central Florida population decreases in the summer so you can typically make long-distance trips in a faster time period.

4) Restaurants and tourist attractions in the Orlando area typically offer summer specials to help bring in local business when the population drops. You may find a deal for something that might normally be more expensive.

5) Keep hydrated. This is very important and most people ……….especially seniors forget to do this. Drink water! Lots of it. Many experts say at least 8 glasses a day, but at Florida Home Companion we will make it even simpler for you. If you are hot and start to sweat, that should be a signal that you drink some water.

At Florida Home Companion we encourage many of our caregivers and patients to get out and enjoy Florida. If you have any questions on how Florida Home Companion can help you take care of your loved ones please check out our website at www.floridahomcompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

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The Best Caregivers in the Orlando area

The other day we were chatting with one of our caregivers and she mentioned that she wanted to do something special for the woman she is caring for in honor of Mother’s Day. Instead of simply going out and buying a card or a few flowers and chocolates, our caregiver decided to do something even more special. She prepared a bubble bath for our patient and brought her a glass of wine to enjoy. We feel that it was an awesome way to for someone to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s also illustrates why we have some of the best caregivers in the Orlando area at Florida Home Companion.

You see at Florida Home Companion, our caregivers are not only skilled in all kinds of medicinal care, they are also friendly and generous people. This is why we wanted them on our team. All of our caregivers do their very best to go above and beyond what is needed in order to offer our patients the best of care. Other caregivers may view their profession as just a job, but at Florida Home Companion our caregivers view their profession as a call to duty. Their mission is to offer our patients the best of care, warmth, and compassion, because part of keeping someone healthy………..is keeping them happy.

If you would like more information on how Florida Home Companion can assist you and your loved ones in getting the best of care, please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

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Congress Aims to Vote Again on Upcoming Health Care Bill

When reading the news, there is a lot of talk on the upcoming Health Care Bill that is going to be put in place in 2014. Many people wonder how things will change under the new health care policies. The reality is that no one seems to know entirely what will change but the common theme seems to be that things will definitely change but not necessarily for the better. In fact it is difficult to even find someone who is touting the benefits of the upcoming implementation of the Health Care Bill. It is unclear whether or not there are any benefits for the overall public.

For the purposes of this article linked below, one of the biggest question marks hovers over the future of Medicare. Medicare is especially an important issue in Florida, home to millions of seniors and those who will be classified seniors within the next 5 years. The GOP majority in the house seems to want to get rid of the bill, however the Democratic majority in the Senate does not.

If the Bill continues to move forward in 2014, it looks like Medicare will be affected. While no one knows for sure, benefits may be cut in order to help spare more money to help cover health care costs for the general public. This means that families may have to kick in more when it comes to helping their loved ones as they may need to help fund medical care to replace what the government may have once been able to fund.

At Florida Home Companion, we are working hard to make sure our care is affordable. We have skill caregivers that have medical training when it comes to taking care of seniors both at home and their facility. While medicare does on occassion cover for some of the same type of services that our company provides, it only does so in a very few certain circumstances. In most cases Medicare does not provide for Home Companion and Home Care Services, at least in the state of Florida. Based on the economical situation of the country, we feel that any overlapping funding that medicare provides to our type of service may also be cut. This is why Florida Home Companion strives to keep our pricing as low as possible to insure families who cannot qualify for medicare assistance can afford our services.

If you have a loved one that can use some additional assistance either at home or at their facility, please feel free to check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

Article on Congress Voting on potentially repealing the Health Care Bill:


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Sunshine may help reduce blood pressure

This morning I read an article written by Nicky Broyd which linked sunshine to potentially helping someone reduce their blood pressure. As many Floridians know, sunshine helps the human body obtain Vitamin D. It is the Vitamin D that the study says is what helps reduce a blood pressure. Nowadays high blood pressure is an issue that many seniors in Florida have to deal with. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of both heart attacks and strokes.

At the Florida Home Companion, our team of caregivers is all too aware of the risk that many of our patients may suffer from high blood pressure. Quite frankly with food offerings and pharmaceutical drugs that are offered today, it is relatively easy for someone to end up with high blood pressure. The good news is that high blood pressure can be countered with good health and activity.

Thankfully because Florida Home Companion is a caregiving agency based in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Our patients have potential access to as much sunshine as they want in order to get as much Vitamin D as they need. However going outside provides additional benefits as well, including some brief exercise and exposure to the outdoor elements which historically has a way of boosting a person’s spirit which in turn can boost their health. Florida Home Companion encourages our caregivers to expose patients to any activity that involves going outdoors if they have the ability. We feel this helps reduce blood pressure but also feeds into a person’s overall good health. Many of our caregivers also happen to be great cooks as well, so if your loved one is suffering from high blood pressure, a home cooked meal is much better than one that comes out of a package.

If you would like more information on what Florida Home Companion can do for you and your loved ones please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

Article relating to sunshine and blood pressure:

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Living Facilities for Seniors in Orlando

According the the Wall Street Journal more and more Seniors aged 55 and older are opting for high-end Senior Living communities as they get older. The article quotes a couple in Arizona that purchase a 2,500 square foot home in a Senior Community for just under $1 million. These ultra high-end facilities offer the finest in amenities in addition to 5-star amenities such as a sushi chef on staff. Who knows, perhaps there is a Japanese study that shows a sushi chef on staff can help a person keep healthier as they get older. For those who are getting older these Luxury Living Spaces do exist and even in the Orlando and Central Florida area has some Senior Living Communities that are nicer than others. While we at Florida Home Companion applaud those Seniors that have that ability, we recognize that not everyone falls into that situation.

At Florida Home Companion our job is to make all of our patients and clients feel as though they are treated like they are in a high-end facility. We do this by offering the best of care. Our caregivers are extremely skilled and they are quite friendly and willing to help with the little things as well. On a regular basis Florida Home Companion has caregivers assisting the Elderly with cooking, light housekeeping, and driving them from place to place. We can also help monitor a patient’s health without their family needing to check on them 4 times a day to make sure they are doing well. We can help our patients at their home or at the medical facility where they reside.

If you would like more information on our home companion and nurse registry services in the Orlando and Central Florida area please feel free to check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

For more information on the article quotes in this post check out:

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Caregivers in the Orlando area assist with transportation of seniors

According to an article put together by the Associate Press, businesses that offer high-power mobility scooters are facing scrutiny from both lawmakers and doctors.  The complaints stem mostly from commercials by companies like the Scooter Store which show television commercials with mostly seniors traveling at pretty decent speeds over different types of terrain, grass, hills, floors and so forth.  The ads are appealing and claim to help any individual who wants assistance moving from place to place.  At the same time the ads kind of leave out the approval process that businesses like the Scooter Store have in place which is a big deal in this instance because if a person qualifies these businesses claim that customers can get everything paid for at no cost to them.  Sounds like a deal right?
Critics are now coming into play with the idea that businesses like the Scooter Store are handing out approvals left and right to customers that ask for what appears to be a free scooter even if they may not totally need one.  On the other hand Medicare, which essentially is the organization footing the bill for these types of benefits claims to have strict regulations on who qualifies and who doesn’t.  Medicare claims that for example those who can make it around with the assistance of a cane or walker would not necessarily qualify.  On top of that businesses like the Scooter Store claim that most of the people that inquire about their services do not qualify and Scooters only go to about 13% of those that call.  As usual the truth is probably somewhere there in the middle.

At Florida Home Companion, we realize that many Seniors in the Orlando and Central Florida area have difficultly moving around and getting around the area.  Even with a motorized scooter, getting from place to place is difficult because the Orlando and Central Florida area simply is not a pedestrian friendly area.  To help those who need assistance with getting around town to Doctor’s appointments, family events, religious events, and even trips to the store or the local hair salon, Florida Home Companion insures that our caregivers all have valid driver’s licenses, insurance, and their own vehicle so that they can help our clients get to where they need to be.  In addition to be able to helping with transportation, our caregivers are extremely knowledgeable in the care of seniors and have Certified Nurses Aid backgrounds to insure that they can help your loved ones with whatever they need.

If you would like more information on assistance with your loved one, please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or call us at 407-478-5469.

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Medicare Spending in Orlando

According to a recent article distributed by Forbes.com, Medicare is starting to hold back more money when it comes to paying for medical testing and diagnostics. The article goes into more details regarding how different patient tests and diagnostics are paid for and how they are billed. In short, medical costs across the board have gone up over the last 10 years for all American citizens. Seniors which typically have a need for a larger proportion allocated to medical spending are more and more being left out of the loop. This is because spending on Medicare due to an increased population and a more aggressive national government have forced Medicare cutbacks.

When Medicare decides to cutback its spending, it typically limits its reimbursements to Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Offices, and to Seniors for Medical costs. This is a serious issue because due to the cost of healthcare in recent years many citizens cannot afford these services without government assistance. As always with government spending and Medicare in general, there is typically no rhyme or reason why one service might be cut and another service might be added. These policies are not decided with the individual patient in mind and are typically decided by people who are far removed from the end-patient that is most affected.

To deal with these types of actions, Florida Home Companion and other agencies have set up a care system that is affordable for the average family and affordable to help Seniors that need additional help at home or in their facilities. We service the Orlando and Central Florida area of Orange, Seminole, and Osceola Counties. Our caregivers can help your loved ones where the government and Medicare can’t. We can help your loved ones with their every day needs, including meal preparation, driving them to destinations and appointments, toileting, bathing, laundry and much more. Medicare can’t always be there for seniors, the money isn’t there for the government to do so. As a private, family-owned company, Florida Home Companion can always be there. We are there to support Seniors in the Orlando area. Our caregivers live in all parts of Orlando, they are courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to help your loved ones with whatever they need.

For more information please check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com

For more information on the article that we referenced, please check out the link below:

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Filling-in for Family Caregivers

We recently received a testimonial from a family who we assisted with their Father. The family all had busy schedules and would take turns caring for their father 24 hours a day seven days a week. However there was one block of time which was always difficult. It was Friday 5pm until Sunday at 1pm. The sons all have their own families and so that is when we would fill-in for the family to care for their father. Recently we received a testimonial from Dennis about caring for his dad:

“Thank-you, dad is now residing at Westchester Assisted Living, he loves it there and is very happy. Thank-you and everyone at Florida Home Companion for all your hard work and efforts.

Dennis K.
Orlando, FL”

Often families just need a little bit of extra help even one night a week makes a huge difference. Often, families can stay over night and their parents can’t move in with them if they have a smaller home. So if your have a senior parent who needs elder care assistance in the the home or the facility, we can help.

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Senior Care in Orlando

Senior Care in Orlando is one of the things that Florida Home Companion does best. We’re based out of the city of Maitland, but we cover all areas in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola County including providing senior care in cities such as Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Waterford Lakes, Maitland, Winter Park, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Ocoee, Hunter’s Creek, Longwood, Kissimmee, and Casselberry. If you have any questions or would like more information on Senior Care in the Orlando area, check out our website at www.floridahomecompanion.com or phone us at 407-478-5469.

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